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Godzilla is an Indica Strain. Godzilla is so powerful and has a high that lasts for an average of 4 hours that it earned its moniker. Smoking Godzilla produces a crushing euphoria and sedation that slowly fades into clear-headed functioning joy, according to those who have experienced it. Couch-initial lock’s peak is brief, but it gradually gives way to an energetic cerebral high. Godzilla is not a good drug to use at night because of its swing from sedation to activity. Patients with illnesses including anxiety disorders, especially social anxiety, as well as chronic stress and depression frequently use Godzilla. Some individuals also use it to treat pain, but only mild to moderate discomfort. When Godzilla exhales, a delightful sour berry flavour with a touch of vanilla can be detected, as well as a sour berry aroma with a trace of spice. The nugs on this bud are vivid lime green, fluffy, and purple-hued, and they are covered in a layer of white trichome crystals.


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