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Kobe OG


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Kobe OG is an Indica strain. A few minutes after your last exhale, you’ll start to feel the cerebral benefits take effect. They flood your brain with an elevated sense of happiness that uplifts your mood and gives you a little tingly euphoric feeling. As you stretch out and settle down while experiencing pure couchlock and relaxation, a feeling of physical calm will start to flood over your body at the same time. Due to these results and its high THC content, Kobe OG is frequently used to treat people who experience symptoms including nausea or loss of appetite, melancholy, persistent stress, and chronic pain. This flower has a somewhat skunky and kushy smell with a characteristic sweet and creamy citrus flavour. It smells like luscious, creamy fruits and skunky diesel with a hint of earthiness. Kobe OG buds contain small, icy white cystal trichomes that are covered in tight, grape-shaped olive green nugs with golden overtones, thin orange hairs.


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