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King Sherbert, sometimes referred to as “Sherbet,” is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. This flower, which is a sister variety to the well-known Sunset Sherbet, has a mouthwatering flavour that is practically identical to a scoop of sherbet ice cream. The Sherbert flavour has been characterised as being sweet and creamy with a sugary aftertaste that resembles a silky, nutty cookie. The aroma is equally mouthwatering, with notes of creamy fruits, fragrant mint, and nutty cookies. The large, tree-like minty green nugs on this bud have long orange hairs, and they are covered in a frosty layer of tiny white crystal trichomes. The relaxing effects of the Sherbert high are deliciously potent and ideal for quickly numbing both mental and physical discomfort. The high begins with an energising euphoric lift that fills you with happiness and a faint sensation of motivation without making you feel anxious. A soothing body buzz will gradually come over you as this high intensifies, leaving you entirely at peace without any drowsiness or couch-lock. Sherbert is a fantastic option for treating disorders like chronic anxiety or stress, depression, and PTSD.


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