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Violet is an indica-dominant hybrid variety whose genetics are unknown. The linalool terpene content of this strain is crazily high, and it genuinely does have a violet-like scent. Violet Delight has the taste of a traditional purple strain, with sweet grapey flavours and a delicate fruity floral earthy finish. Small, leafy, ultra-tight, popcorn-shaped minty green nugs with scant orange hairs and deep, dark purple overtones are present on this bud, along with leaves and a thick, frosty layer of milky crystal trichomes that have a lavender tint. The Violet high is as delectable as its flavour; it begins with a mental head high that is concentrated and clear-headed, lighthearted and giggly in nature, and has a tendency to introspection. You’ll have little control over what you say while being highly philosophical and also energetic and social. When you want to start talking and are in a group meditation or philosophical conversation, Violet is a perfect choice. Violet is ideal for treating minor symptoms of depression, mild cases of chronic stress or anxiety, and chronic exhaustion.


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